Kiss Unwanted Hair Goodbye with Laser Hair Removal!

Kiss Unwanted Hair Goodbye with Laser Hair Removal!

Just because the warmth of those summer months may be fading fast, doesn’t mean you should ignore that unwanted facial or body hair that continues to bother you.

If you’re tired of shaving under your arms, your chest, legs or any other place on our body, you might want to consider Laser Hair Removal. Often referred to as light-based hair removal or laser hair reduction, this is a great procedure to keep unwanted hair at bay.

So, put away those razor blades, hot waxes and other depilatories and think about laser hair removal. You’ve probably heard about it for years and often wondered what it was all about. Just think of how great you will look and feel in the upcoming warmer months- minus the hair!


What It Is

Laser hair removal is a convenient, noninvasive method for permanently reducing or removing unwanted facial or body hair. It leaves the skin looking smoother and silkier than waxing, electrolysis or razors, and is a gentle technique that can treat larger areas effectively with minimal discomfort and with no downtime. Today, experts say laser hair removal is one of the most common aesthetic procedures performed in the United States.


When to Consider Laser Hair Removal

  • Again, think about this procedure if you have unwanted facial or body hair that makes you feel self-conscious or limits your ability to wear certain clothing. For example, if you like to wear certain clothing that doesn’t hide unwanted hair i.e. tank tops, skirts or bathing suits, laser hair removal is for you.
  • If you have dark hair and light skin.
  • If you are looking for an alternative to waxing, electrolysis, shaving and bleaching.


What You Need to Know
Of course, like most cosmetic and medical procedures there are pros and cons to laser hair removal:

  • Both large and small areas of the body are effectively treated.
  • May make skin color and complexion more uniform.
  • Most patients have permanent hair loss after an average of 3 to 8 sessions
  • Multiple treatments are usually required to produce satisfactory results.
  • Patients with darker skin may not respond well due to inadequate discrepancy between skin and hair colors.
  • Blonde or gray/white hair is less responsive due to lack of ample pigment in the hair.

These are some of the pros and cons to weigh when considering laser hair removal. If you want to focus on what is unique to you, please consult with your medical professional who will perform the hair removal.

Isn’t it time to look your smoothest and your best? Go ahead- pull out that sleek, strapless dress and set aside the worries about revealing underarm hair.

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