All You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

All You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

At one point or another the same thought has popped into all of our heads, “shaving is such a hassle!”. The ingrown hairs, the itchiness when the hair grows back, the time it takes up and three days later you have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN. Laser hair removal has been the new upcoming trend to getting rid of unwanted hair but how do we know it really works and most importantly is it worth it? Find out all of you unanswered questions as we go into more detail about LHR.


How does it work?

LHR is a medical procedure that works by using pulses of laser, which target the pigment of the hair. Then, the laser delivers heat to the hair without affecting the surrounding tissues. The pigment of hair absorbs the heat from the laser. This causes the hair to become dormant and eventually stops the hair growth.


How many sessions of treatment would I need?

Since the hairs on the treated area are not all in the same growing stage at the same time, when the area is treated, only a percentage of the hair follicles will be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to re-treat these areas many times in order to target all the hairs in the area to get a satisfactory result. Sessions of treatment vary from person to person but most people need about 9-12 sessions, while others may need less or more.


Shaving vs Laser Hair Removal


  • Shave every three days
  • Develop ingrown hairs
  • Time consuming
  • Makes skin itchy and dry
  • Discoloration of the skin


  • Come in for treatment every 4-6 week
  • No more ingrown hairs
  • Quick and easy treatment
  • No down time
  • Helps heal skin breakouts
  • Long-lasting/permanent results


What to expect during treatment?

When you arrive, a nurse will review your medical chart and answer any questions you may have. The nurse will then clean off the area and apply cooling gel. At Derma Fashion, we use our Cutera machine for our laser treatments which makes for a safe and comfortable session. The laser’s hand piece includes a cooling mechanism which will make your skin will feel cooler. Some patients do feel slight stinging and irritation. There is numbing cream available for use in the office although 30 minutes is needed for it to take effect!

Am I a good candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

At DermaFashion Medical Spa, we use the most up to date laser technology allowing us to treat all skin types and skin tones. Although LHR removal will be more effective with lighter skin and darker hair because the laser can target the melanin more effectively. The one exception is that the laser cannot treat grey, white, or red hair. This is because the laser needs darker melanin pigmentation within the hair follicle for effective elimination of the follicle.


LHR Do’s And Don’ts!


  • Shave the night before treatment
  • Use numbing cream if your pain tolerance is low
  • Come in every 4-6 weeks for better/faster results
  • Wear sunblock if you are planning to be in the sun within a week of treatment
  • Do follow all post-treatment results to ensure best possible results


  • Wax, pluck, or bleach the hairs in the area to be treated
  • Go to tanning beds or get sunburned at least a week before or after treatment
  • Be afraid to ask questions or speak up if something is uncomfortable during the treatment, your technician is there to help you, so be sure to let them know how you’re feeling


Laser Hair Removal  for Men

Continuous shaving of the beard, chest and back are the most common concerns for men. Sharp stubble is not only irritating but also damages the skin. Laser hair removal is not at all a feminine treatment. Meaning, for masculine men, there’s no reason to feel embarrassed about it. In fact, today 16-17% of the patient demographic for LHR is male and more men are expected to undergo the procedure in the coming years! Men grow coarser and thicker hairs than women do. LHR can help thin out the hair on the fair and completely remove the hair on areas like the back and chest although it is important to note that it will most likely take more sessions than women depending on the thickness of the hair.


Personal Experience with LHR

Being part of the Derma Fashion team, I thought it necessary to try LHR not only because the thought of not having to shave anymore was a dream but because I wanted try it out for myself and gain some insight to what patients were experiencing in the office everyday. It was my first time and I felt a little nervous because I have a very low pain tolerance and wasn’t sure how it was going to feel. The nurse made me feel a lot more at ease talking to me through every step and making conversation to distract me. The area that I treated was my lower legs and when she started I didn’t really feel anything, I had to ask her if she had started and was surprised when she said she had already done a couple of pulses. The lower leg area is of course a less sensitive area but the only sensation I had was heat on my leg. It was a very comfortable experience and I chatted with her while she ran the laser up and down my leg. Once it was done she cleaned the cooling gel of my legs and applied sunblock. After my treatment, I was careful to keep my legs out of the sun and about a week after my hair grew back I could already see the difference in my legs after one treatment. There was a lot less hair in certain spots and my hair felt thinner. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who wants unwanted hair out of their life!


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