What to Expect After your Botox Treatment

What to Expect After your Botox Treatment

What to Expect After your Botox Treatment

You’re thinking about taking the plunge and getting yourself some Botox. Now, what can you expect in the upcoming days?


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You’re not alone as men and women of all ages around the globe have opted to erase time from their faces with this ‘Fountain of Youth’ procedure. It is often considered a quick fix to erase wrinkles, fine lines and “Crows’ feet” from  areas of the face for those who feel they are looking a bit older than they feel. Botox is also considered a great “preventative” anti- aging treatment for those looking to delay the onset of any wrinkles that come with time. Plus, this noninvasive treatment has no downtime, and can easily be scheduled during a patient’s lunch break!

Before you head to your local doctor’s office or medical spa, you should know a few things in terms of what to expect from Botox. While there is nothing to fear according to the experts, you may want to explore these points.


How Does Botox Work?

Botox is injected directly into the patient’s affected muscle, preventing the muscle from contracting. This subsequently causes any fine lines and wrinkles in the skin to relax and weaken in appearance.


How Much Botox Do I Need?

There is no “one size fits all” approach to Botox. Botox is measured by the unit, which are completely unique to Botox; A unit of Botox cannot be compared to any other type of measurement. The amount of recommended Botox will depend upon many factors, such as the patient’s forehead size, brow placement, and one’s natural muscle size, strength, and movement. Each patient will vary in how many units are recommended to treat the affected area.


What Should I Expect After My Treatment?

Unlike many plastic surgery procedures, with Botox, after the injections have been administered, you can return to your regular activities immediately; however, strenuous activity is discouraged for the remainder of the day.

You might also see some redness and swelling that occurs at the site of the injection, but this typically resolves quickly. Any bruising that may occur should resolve after a week or two.

Some quick tips for the best results are:

  • Avoid massaging or touching the injected area afterward; this may inadvertently cause the Botulinum Toxin to spread to an unintended area, experts say.
  • Lying down or inverting the body shortly after injection can also cause complications, experts say.
  • Avoid strenuous or vigorous activities for the rest of the day, experts suggest.
  • Be sure to ask or call the medical office that performed your treatment before taking painkillers or medication directly following your treatment.



How Long Does it Take to See Results?

It usually takes approximately 5 to 7 days to begin to see a reduction in fine lines on the areas treated with Botox. Two weeks after the procedure, your Botox treatment will be in full effect.


Did You Know?

Botox is also considered a progressive alternative treatment for individuals who suffer from migranes or hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Ask your doctor or medical professional if you can improve these ailments with the use of Botox!


Be Beautiful

Botox has been hailed as a wonderful way to rejuvenate your face, as well as look and feel younger without much effort or time. Be sure to ask questions and see a qualified medical professional when considering Botox injections. In the end you will feel and look better than you have in years!

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